CIC Environmental Services Sdn Bhd
Our Profile
Mission Statement
“We will do our best to conserve the limited energy resources through recycling oil for sustainable developments to make this earth a pleasant place to live in.”
Our Company Background

CIC Environmental Services Sdn Bhd (CIC) was incorporated in 1998, specializing in hydrocarbon and hazardous waste management services to various industries in Negara Brunei Darussalam including Oil and Gas Companies, public and private sectors and other industries. With over 18 years of experience, CIC is one of the leading professional waste management companies listed under the Ministry of Development and Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe).

We are guided by our workplace health, safety, quality and environmental management system, which have been ISO 14001 accredited since 2007. To date, all CIC’s waste management technologies, operational methodologies, Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Response System are in line with the national environmental guidelines and Brunei Shell Petroleum waste management policies. These guidelines are comparable with international standards.

CIC maintains strict compliance with all local government guidelines and relevant regulatory requirements on a consistent basis, assuring the highest level of standards and waste liability protection to our customers. We tailor-made our waste management solutions based on customer's needs, which include the point-to-point transportation services, optimal treatment efficiency and cost management.

Our local in-house experts apply their technical and laboratory proficiencies to characterize each waste for the appropriate treatment and disposal methodologies. This helps to ensure the safety of our customers, their reputation and local community.

Our People
CIC continuously expands our role in Local Business Development by increasing Bruneian workforce content and employing local Bruneians while providing knowledge, trainings, recognition and thorough competency based development for each individual. In 2015, CIC employs around 96% of local Bruneians for various positions including administration and operation.
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